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The Bar Gripper - Toolsystem 

Gripping tool to automatically pull out bar material -Ø3-90mm-  out of the chuck of the CNC lathe or to the CNC-machining centre.

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Particularly suited for:

  • Manufacturing of small and medium-sized runs from bar and
  • the transfer of work pieces

The Bar-Gripper-Toolsystem is our own invention. Developed 1998 and since then successful in use at customers' and in our own production.



It can be supplied as a compact set or in your own individual combination.

Bar gripper - Set A-Ø3-7mm
Bar gripper - Set B-Ø8-42mm
Bar gripper - Set C/D-Ø43-90mm


  • operation mode: rapid traverse 30 m / min
  • accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm (zero dead stop)
  • low setting-up time
  • attach gripper jaws to the gripper
  • incorporate the gripper jaws into the tool data and calibrate
  • no surface damage to the round steels which are to be processed
  • clamping shafts available in all sizes und designs

Operation mode:

After cutting the material to length, in rapid traverse the bar puller automatically pulls the bar for the next processing operation exactly to the desired measurement.

Position 1:

  • Signal: stop spindel
  • The bar gripper is positioned in rapid traverse at the spindle centre in front of the material

Position 2:

  • bar gripper moves in linear rapid traverse (30 m / min.) with the appropriate jaws onto the bar (approx. 4 mm are sufficient for this)
  • Signal: open feed automatically

Position 3:

  • bar gripper has pulled the material in rapid traverse (30 m / min.) to the desired position
  • Signal: close feed automatically
  • bar gripper moves in linear direction in front of the bar
  • Signal: rotate spindle (processing can start again)

Demonstration video

... Here you can watch a video clip of the way the bar puller works.